Monday, 27 January 2014

No CNY rally

Apparently there is no CNY rally this year. With selldown in DJIA last Friday, sentiment definitely won't be good here. KLSE has been rallied for so many months now. Some corrections in KLSE is not unexpected. This question is when. Don't believe so much of those who said when DJIA up, KLSE will up. Likewise when DJIA down, KLSE will down. Not quite.

Fundamentally, KLSE is a different market all together with DJIA. What we can relate is just the emotion and psychological parts. These are the most often time that we relate to with DJIA. Other than that, it is pure hot air. Some even go as far as saying when DJIA down, the money will flow to KLSE and hence KLSE will up. Based on the same logic, if DJIA is up, money should flows out from KLSE and hence KLSE should down. Last week wasn't the case isn't it when DJIA was up but KLSE was hammered. So, don't believe so much of the analysts' views on this and that.

KLSE market should be intact for 2014. Of course, there will be some corrections along the way. Pick strong company in good sector. Playing penny stocks will be riskier this year unless you have strong insider information.

Lastly but not the least, investing in stock market should be a pleasure venture. Enjoy the show and ride on the trend. Any weakness in market is opportunity gain for long term strategy.

Good luck.

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