Friday, 10 January 2014

Strong cable

Let's talk about pure business here for now. If you have strong cable in Malaysia, you can close one eye, literally speaking, to do business in Malaysia and your business will flourish like hell. You might not be very comfortable with this company because of some personalities behind it, but let's put aside this and purely focus on the business it is in.

We shouldn't in denial that doing big business in Malaysia needs cable, what more if doing big and lucrative business.


Some cringe of the facts that the way businesses are done here. But once you are part of the system and benefited from the system, your view on the whole things will be very different. Called me ignorant and unprincipled person, but that is the reality of the matter.


If you don't like, you can move on to something else and find the money there. But this one will give you some easily. Perhaps, once you have make some money, do some charity at your own small way.

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