Saturday, 4 November 2017

The twin stocks

Old man like me still learning about computer technology.

Just learned that I could use desktop computer to use whatsapp. Amazing indeed.

Many people asked which is the "twin" stock I am talking about in my previous post.

Here you are. Screenshot of the whatsapp conversation obtained through desktop computer.

The conversation was some time in May this year.

I must admit I did not buy that twin stock but my associates did. Not one but both the twin stocks. Congratulation to them. In fact, they made profit for most of the other stocks I told them... Gadang, RCECAP, JAKS and the recent two stocks. I am happy for them.

I have one more in my sleeve but am a bit worry it will end up become speculative play for most people instead of for long term investment because of its lowly priced at the moment. I will share about it when the stock has "matured" a bit perhaps.

Good luck.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Skpres - Cool run up


Good thing will always shine one day.

So glad this one did not take long to be discovered by the market.

I hope those who received my email in April did bought this stock. In fact I only bought it later in May 2017. Actually, this stock has a "twin". Her twin had already claimed the magic number of 100% rise in price. Sadly, I did not buy her because I love Skpres more. 

You cannot have all and buy all, can you. Finally, her other "twin" Skpres is playing catch up now.

Good luck.

Its share price closed at all-time high RM1.91 on 3.11.2017.