Thursday, 24 July 2014

Moment of Silence

This blog will silence for 2 weeks as a sign of respect for those who lost their lives on board MH17.

Hearses carrying victims of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 plane disaster escorted on a highway in Nieuwegein, shortly after arrival in the Netherlands. The bodies will be identified by forensic experts in Hilvers. 24.7.14

The convoy of hearses with the remains of the victims of Malaysia Airlines MH17 downed over rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine, drives past international flags as it leaves Eindhoven airport to a military base in Hilversum July 23, 2014.
The Netherlands declared Wednesday the country's first day of mourning in more than half a century.

Mourners gather near flower bouquets as they pay their respects at Schiphol Airport during a national day of mourning for the victims of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, in Schiphol July 23, 2014. The bodies of the first victims from the Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine last week arrived back in the Netherlands on Wednesday amid dignified grief tinged with anger. Bells pealed and flags flew at half mast in memory of the 298 people killed.
A woman cries during a religious service held by villagers in memory of the victims at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine

President Barack Obama visits the Dutch Embassy in Washington to sign a book of condolence, joined by Deputy Chief of Mission Peter Mollema.

People search a wheat field for remains in the area of the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine
Flowers placed in front of restaurant Asian Glories in Rotterdam. Both owners, Jenny Loh and Popo Fan, were among those killed

Members of the U.N. Security Council stand for a moment of silence for the lives lost on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 during a meeting at United Nations headquarters

A woman lights candles at a memorial for victims of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in Kuala Lumpur July 18, 2014

Ukrainian coal miners prepare to search the site of a crashed Malaysia Airlines passenger plane near the village of Rozsypne, Ukraine, eastern Ukraine. Rescue workers, policemen and even off-duty coal miners were combing a sprawling area in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 takes off at 12.31 PM from Schiphol airport near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 17 July 2014. The Boeing 777 aircraft with more than 280 passengers on board crashed in eastern Ukraine.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Presbhd - it's as clear as daylight

I thought of using my favourite racing-higher title for this stock. But I decided to reserve for next round. Anyway, suffice to say today is a good run for Presbhd. Daily price movement is like climbing a mountain trajectory. Friday had similar pattern. But that is not what I want to talk about. But rather I want to talk about how a trained and seasoned stockist could smell something especially when this happened  on the top of one big transaction crossed at RM2.40 with values close to RM1 mil mark in a single scoop. In fact, there was another even bigger scoop crossed at RM2.35. The fellow who made that call might get sack because he/she has literally lost more than RM30,000 in a day based on today's closing price. Or is it really the case? There's no smoke without fire.

Wait a minute. EPF, KWAP and a company director have been net buyers of the stocks in recent times. It's as clear as daylight if you know what I mean.

Good luck.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Stock market is to win

Stock market is to win or atleast don't lose and not even a draw. If have to choose between draw or lose, draw is a better option of the two. One should not lose money in stock market, period. If stock market is to lose money then why bothered to join the party. If one goes in with the mindset that one could lose money, then it is a wrong mindset before even take the first step into the stock market. If you go in with the mind of "how much will be my return in one year" or whatever years for that matter, then you would not lose money. It is easy than said, you may ask. Of course it is never easy. Who said success is easy. One has to work hard for it.


You have to choose the best stock among the good stocks. Choosing good stock is easy. There are plenty of good stocks around. Don't believe? Look at all the stocks recommended by experts. There are countless stocks to pick. Don't tell me those stocks that are so recommended are not good stocks. Not believe in any of those? Then why read their reports again and again whenever they publish their reports. Again, if you don't believe any of their reports, who to believe then? Believe ourself, some might say. Granted but the honest truth is often time we believe the next person's stock recommendation rather our own. So much so we may want to believe that we are actually believing ourself but in fact we are following the next person's stock recommendation. Don't believe? Now, ask yourself why you buy a particular stock? Most often than not, we decided to buy that particular stock after we have evaluated ourself of those stocks which were recommended by so and so. Yes.... recommended by so and so. We merely did some self-evaluation on the stocks that were recommended by the so and so. No? If no, then you are stock expert. This is because you are able to choose and pick your own stocks without following any person. This is just like you choose your own girlfriend or boyfriend without being recommended by your parents. Ofcourse your pick must be also able to give you good returns or in the case of choosing your own girlfriend or boyfriend, your self-pick must give you a good husband or wife. Then your are stock-pick expert. Of course there is no such thing as being a boyfriend/girlfriend-pick expert.



I take a reflection why I blog about my stock pick. My intention is to educate the new people in the stock market to learn the proper way make money. Some of them are young people. I believe many of them want to learn and make money in the long run. They have some money but worry to lose them in the stock market and at the same time want to make money. I was young once and therefore I know. I lost money before and big one too. I had learned my many mistakes. Those mistakes were painful mistakes but it made me a wiser person when dealing with stock market. I am trying to show them the proper way to make money from stock market. So, for those who thought of making money in no time, you have to find somewhere. UncleZ is no stock expert for quick gains. Atleast not from this blog.


For those who have followed me since Presbhd, OCK, DSonic and recently Hovid, I hope you have learned a thing or two about stock market. Making money is one thing, learning the stock market goes a long way.


Anyway, enough for grandfather story for now. Presbhd touched new all-time intraday high of RM2.33 on 18.07.2014 but unfortunately the price did not sustain but retraced to close at RM2.23. I don't feel disappointed at all. Nevertheless it is still an all-time high close, mind you. If you have been long term with Presbhd, this new high will just add more smiles. On OCK, what more to add. My golf buddy told me yesterday he is prepared to let me win on our bet deal. Here. As for Hovid, ah Boy texts me to say thank you UncleZ. My reply to him is "Make money is just small part, it is what you have learned from the stock market goes a long way and enjoy it". Here.


Parting shot, if these stocks still not enough to make good money, what else more. Probably you are busy with shorting and trading stock and that is why gains from these stocks are just small flies.

Good luck.


Its price (Presbhd) closed at all-time high RM2.23 on 18.7.2014.

Its price (OCK) closed at all-time high RM1.53 on 18.7.2014.

Its price (Hovid) closed at all-time high RM0.44 on 18.7.2014.

Monday, 7 July 2014

DJIA 17,000 points vs. FBMSCAP 18,000 points

Malaysia's Small Cap Index (FBMSCAP) closed above 18,000 points for the first time in history on 02.07.2014. As you can see from the chart below, it was quite flattish for 2 years from 2011 until mid of 2013. The index spike after the 13th General Election in May last year and not too long after that many people started to enter the market.


Whilst our infant index recorded new high, around the same time the DJIA in U.S. Market has crossed the psychological level of 17,000 points for the first time in USA stock market history. And her twin index S&P is also doing quite well.

Will our main stock market KLSE Index reach 1,900 point? Actually I am looking at 2,000 by year end. If it ever happened, it will be this year or never at all.

By the way, Google price is climbing steadily and is now traded at US584.73 as of 03.07.2014. U.S. Markets closed for Independence Day on 04.07.2014.

July 3, 2014 9:31 am (US Time)

The Dow finally did it! It topped 17,000 in early trading today, marking the latest milestone in the bull market that began in March 2009.

The Dow Jones industrial average continued its heady climb into uncharted territory on the eve of the Fourth of July, eclipsing the 17,000 milestone for the first time in its 118-year history and building on the bullish start to the second half of 2014.

After coming within 2 points of 17,000 Tuesday, the Dow finally cracked what Wall Street is dubbing “Dow 17K” after the government reported that a better-than-expected 288,000 jobs were created last month and the unemployment rate dipped to 6.1%, its lowest level since September 2008.
Five minutes after the opening bell, the Dow was up 64 points, or 0.4%, to 17,041.46.

“The headline jobs number and underlying data reinforce the fact that the domestic economy is thriving,” says Todd Schoenberger, managing partner at LandColt Capital. “The markets will enjoy this data, which should push the broader averages to higher highs today. Let’s just hope today’s report is not equivalent to a fireworks grand finale.”

It took the Dow 153 trading days to go from 16,000 to 17,000, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices. Compare that with the 21,652 sessions (or more than 75 years) it took to get to Dow 1,000.
Wall Street couldn’t help but give the resilient bull some credit.

It signals the “continuation of a bull market,” says Gary Kaltbaum, president of Kaltbaum Capital Management. “I am not a big round-number person, but I guess it has meaning.”

Historically, it has been nasty bear markets, or multiyear downturns, that have extended the wait to reach fresh 1,000-point Dow milestones. Following the market top in 2007, for example, it took the Dow 1,461 trading days to make the climb from 14,000 to 15,000. Similarly, the Dow’s peak in 1999 and subsequent crash resulted in a wait of 1,879 sessions for it to get to 12,000 from 11,000.

The big gains for the blue-chip average come on the heels of a bullish start to the third quarter, with both the Dow and Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index racing to new record highs in the first two sessions of the third quarter. Investors are betting on the economy warming up again after a frigid winter and also see continued support from central banks around the world as a bullish driver.

Indeed, Kaltbaum says the stock market got a fresh wind after the European Central Bank last month talked about implementing a U.S.-style bond-buying program to stimulate the sluggish eurozone economy.

“Greed is picking up,” Kaltbaum adds, “which usually means higher prices.”
Michael Farr, president of money-management firm Farr, Miller & Washington, says Dow 17,000 has a tinge of both good and bad news.

“New (1,000-point) handles on the Dow are always a big deal,” he says. “I’ve been in the business since the days of Dow 1,700, so this is especially cool to see, or it means that I’m especially old.
“17,000 is a wow and a worry,” Farr adds. “If the rule is to ‘buy low,’ this isn’t low. New highs are the rewards for disciplined, patient investors. New highs also mean it’s more important than ever to be disciplined. This is no time to swing for the fences. But by all means, celebrate. We have all endured a lot to get here.”

Corporate earnings have been climbing, Farr says, which is good for stocks. But price-to-earnings multiples (a common metric used by Wall Street to value stocks) have been climbing, too, which is not so good, he adds.

A market dip will eventually come.

Says Farr: “Investors should always be careful. And now more than ever, with the Dow making new highs, investors should remember that markets go down. This market will correct someday, but this should not be a cause for panic.”

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Presbhd - racing higher Part 7

I just cannot resist but to continue with this title so soon yet again. This title will continue as long as Presbhd continues to hit new high. Friday 04.07.2014 is particularly interesting because its volume hit 7.2 million units - the highest since a year ago where on 15.05.2013 its volume hit the roof with 11.8 millions units. There must be something brewing. Indeed there is. Read here and old story here again.

On Friday 04.07.2014 its price up another 10 cents. It recorded, yet again, another intraday all-time high of RM2.18. Interestingly, there were strong buys at this price with some 377,000 units being traded. Is it a precursor for more interest things to come? You decide yourself.

Historical chart a year ago:-

Volume was 11.8 million on 15.05.2013. The price then was RM1.82 and it started its upward trajectory and peaked at RM4.12 in April 2014 before split for bonus issue. Closing price on 04.07.2014 is equivalent to RM4.32.

Presbhd's monthly price performance since January 2013 :

31/12/2012    RM1.11
31/01/2013    RM1.12       0.9%
28/02/2013    RM1.12       0.0%
31/03/2013    RM1.23       9.8%
40/04/2013    RM1.17     (4.9)%
31/05/2013    RM1.77     51.3%
30/06/2013    RM1.86       5.1%
31/07/2013    RM2.12     14.0%
30/08/2013    RM1.92     (9.4)%
30/09/2013    RM2.04       6.3%
31/10/2013    RM2.32     13.7%
30/11/2013    RM2.60     12.1%
31/12/2013    RM2.88     10.8%
30/01/2014    RM2.96       2.8%
28/02/2014    RM3.30     11.5%
31/03/2014    RM3.75     13.6%
30/04/2014    RM2.02       7.7%    ex-bonus
30/05/2014    RM1.78     (11.9)%
30/06/2014    RM1.90       6.7%
31/07/2014        ?               ?

There were 3 blips namely in April 2013, Aug 2013 and May 2014 where its price recorded a decline on monthly basis. However, after each blip the price rebounded stronger. If the chart above is anything to go by, the subsequent 2 - 3 months should be interesting period. On another note, could it be due to this reason that the institutional funds like this stock so much or could it be that institution funds want it that way? I leave it to you to ponder.

Its price closed at all-time high RM2.16 on 04.07.2014.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Presbhd - racing higher Part 6

It has been some 2 months since the last instalment of this title post. Now it is in its 6th instalment. Indeed it is a wait but a worthwhile wait. Its intraday all-time high at RM4.12 was recorded on 22.04.2014 or equivalent to post-bonus-issue price of RM2.06. Today, it breached its own intraday all-time high record with a new record of RM2.09 before retraced to close at RM2.06. Up 17 cents coupled with strong volume of 6.5 million shares traded. And this is on top of cash dividend payout the shareholders received just few days ago. It is really a double happiness.

You will never know when something like this will come. For those who have sold much earlier, you will be in dilemma whether you would want to buy back. Chances are you will not buy back but will say lets wait for correction. If you have stayed on, you won't have such dilemma. You would have recovered your "losses" with today closing price. But that is not really "losses" per se if you did nothing since April. So, if you did not sell, your only real losses is idling time of some 2 months. Well, what is 2 months anyway. Furthermore, the idling time is cover by the constant dividend payout which the company so far never failed to honour.


Its price closed at RM2.06 on 03.07.2014.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Dividend - the real cash Part 2

It is nice to receive cash dividends from the stock that I have invested. Nothing beats that. This is because whenever I decided to invest in a particular stock, I know I will never see the cash again for some time. Not that the cash is gone but it is no longer in my piggy bank. So the cash dividend is the only cash that I could see and feel from the investment. This is important because it tells me that my investment in the stock is still safe, sound and most important it is working harder for me. Unless and until I sell the stock, receiving the dividend is the priority above anything. On the same vein, one of the factor that influence the stock price is dividend factor, amongst other factors.

By the way, the stock price is doing quite well at the moment.


Its price closed at RM1.89 on 02.07.2014.