Friday, 27 June 2014

Stock investment and hobby

I am a vivid numismatic collector. It is a hobby of collecting currency and coins. I also have strong interest of keeping new fresh currency notes especially at the beginning of every year when local banks provide service to exchange for news local notes from RM1 to RM100. One local currency note that I like the most is the RM5 note. RM5 note has changed many designs over the years.


I know it sounds unorthodox. I treat stocks investment as a hobby. This could be due to the influence by my strong interest in numismatic hobby. In numismatic hobby, one collects good and quality notes over times. I like to collect good and quality growth stocks over times too. OCK stock is one example.

This is just a year old story. I started my love affair with her last year. Initially it was a boring 2 - 3 months affair. It was unexcited at all. But I know this stock will give me good returns sooner or later. One makes money not when one sells but when one buys.


Have I collected enough? Probably not yet.

Its price closed at RM1.44 on 27.06.2014.


  1. UncleZ, the RM5 note reminds me of the times when I was always on the lookout to collect the "special edition" "cross type" flagpole behind.....

  2. UncleZ, I hv been following yr postings here regularly. U hv provided me much useful knowledge and I hv learnt much fr yr experience sharing in stock investment. Thank u and I truly appreciate it. When I see yr numismatic interest here, I see tht we do hv a common interest here. I wish to share w u my collection which I hv picked up while I was in the US previously. I hv a collection of USD error notes. If u r interested to view them, pls write to me at .

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  4. ... at email:

    1. I am not a keen collector for error notes. Thanks for your kind offer.