Monday, 25 August 2014

Google Inc & Apple Inc's Share Price War

With KLSE market is kind of unexcited recently, it is good to take a back seat and relax and take a look at outside world, particularly the US market.

I always have a strong interest in Google and Apple stocks. Not only because I have some very small interest in Google stock but also because these 2 companies are so prominent in our life. I think no one can deny that almost everyone in this planet knows what Apple is famous for as well as what Google is famous for. Of course there are other brands too that we are so used to like Coca-Cola, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook etc. Most Malaysians can easily connect to these brands one way or another. Even the young kids know who they are. Coming to think about it - do Malaysia has any product that have prominent presence at world stage? Perhaps AirAsia, SP Setia, Petronas .... how about Tongkat Ali? I don't know. 

Apple Inc. split its share for 7-for-1, converting a share that closed at $645.57 to seven shares valued at $92.22 on the morning on 09.06.2014. Currently AAPL is at $100.30 a share which is nearing the company's intraday high, and Google Inc. split its share for 2-for-1 on 03.04.2014, although in a different fashion. In the stock price increase war since the events, Apple has won handily. The anticipation for the iPhone 6 has overwhelmed Google’s growth dominance in Internet advertising, both on PCs and mobile devices.

In the past three months, Google’s shares have risen 8%, which is less that the 10% advance in the Nasdaq. Apple’s have spiked 16% over the same period.


The two tech giants are among the three most valuable, based on market cap, of any company traded on U.S. exchanges. Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM) rounds out that group. Apple’s market cap is $439 billion, Exxon’s $403 billion and Google’s $257 billion. For comparison, the entire market cap for KLSE is $556 billion which consist of one thousand over listed companies.

Its price was hovering around $640 a share before the share split. With its price closed at recent high above $100 a share or equivalent to $700 a share, this reminiscent of the good old days

Google holds the edge in recent growth. In the most recent quarter its revenue rose 23% to $16 billion. Apple’s revenue rose 6% to $37.4 billion. Although operating income and balance sheet considerations are also part of any evaluation, each company is wildly profitable and carries huge cash positions. Growth companies continued to be measured by their top line improvement ahead of almost all other considerations.


Google and Apple share one thing in common. Each tends to be analysed primarily on one measure. In Google’s case it is search advertising, and in Apple’s it is iPhone sales. Both companies have plenty of other businesses. Among Google’s most important are Android and YouTube. Neither brings in enough revenue to be terribly important. Apple has its media distribution and app business, along with iPad and Mac sales. Very few analysts look at these smaller businesses over Apple’s flagship smartphone.


Unlike Google, Apple is largely a single-event company. It launches a new iPhone every year or so. Its market value is pegged primarily to the success of each iPhone generation. A poor launch can hinder its stock performance for months. Google, on the other hand, has relied primarily on the performance of its original product, which has improved, but not changed radically, since the company went public a decade ago. All of this goes to say that if the iPhone 6 release meets with a poor reception, Apple’s share performance and Google’s will change places.

Its price (Google) closed at $592.54 on 22.08.2014.

Its price (Apple) closed at $101.32 on 22.08.2014.

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