Friday, 15 August 2014

Google - thank you

Google Inc. - thank you

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Its price closed at USD 574.64 on 14.08.2014


  1. unclez, need your advice, how you look into OCK price fall recently? izit bad news coming out? thx

  2. Hi Unclez, please comments abt hovid and wish your comments giving us confident abt hovid, tq.

  3. Fundamentally, nothing has changed. This is a long term stock. Its price will moving up stage by stage over time. Meaning that it will move up once awhile. Each time it will move up to new level and will hover around that new level for some times before another. You will only see the positive net upward effect if you invest for long term. Its price had moved up from 34 cent to 37 cent and now 42 cent. It will not move up frenzily like what happening now with many penny stocks. This stock will test you as a real long term investor. I am afraid many will not pass this test. If one is looking for excitement, maybe check out sumatec, pdz, macro, tiger and the like. Unfortunately hovid will only give you excitement once awhile but not everyday or every month. Good luck.

  4. Thank you Unclez, I will try to be a good long term investor.