Thursday, 6 November 2014

OCK - the stage is finally set

The stage is finally set for better things to come.


People outside the company will never know how excited it was for the people who had worked so hard for this to finally come to fruition. The sense of accomplishment is all round. It is all about hardwork. Then comes result and then comes recognition. When there is recognition, things will be easier for the business to grow further. All this started as a small sole proprietorship company with limited capital. What it has then, and still has now, is grand idea and passion. That was 15 years ago.


One thing for sure. It is not easy for a small company to grow organically and eventually able to be listed in Main Board. This is not to compare to those high flying company with multiple layers of connections and backing.


I see this as a success story of the 1st generation of entrepreneur where the seed has been planted and this will carry on to the 2nd generation. We all know about Genting, YTL story and the like. These companies are now coming to their 3rd generation, SPSetia is supposedly in their 2nd generation (unfortunately the plan was scuttled prematurely). These companies may seem like family business oriented company. But who cares as long as it creates values for the shareholders in the long run. Business runs well, making profit continuously, have big vision and ambition to grow the company further.


And this is what I see in OCK since last year.

Its price closed at RM1.43 on 05.11.2014.

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