Friday, 26 September 2014

Testing time

Just a short note.


We are currently going through some testing time in the stock market. This thing happens few times within year, every year. And it is exactly this kind of time will put off many nervous investors. Or should I say amateur investors. If you speculate in stock market for short term, certainly this time around is not an easy time. During rally market, I often heard people saying want to be a full time trader and quit their 9-to-5 job. This is because they make money easily almost everyday from the market. But they forget what they are doing is not sustainable as their performance in their trading is difficult to be consistent for long run. So, this testing time will bring them back to reality. Make money from the market is never by chance but by perseverance, patience, trust and knowledge.


If you are stuck in the stock market at the moment but in good fundamental stock, then you may be down but safe. But if you are stuck in speculative or so-called hot stock with plenty of rumours but no substance, then you are against your own luck. Many traders or speculators turned long term investors unintentionally because of this. How I know? Because I was one, long long time ago. I learnt from my mistakes.


With this kind of less enthusiastic sentiment in the stock market, good stocks will not have its field day just yet. Starting from now, I may touch on other things which may not necessary about stock market. Life is not always about stock market. Come what may, enjoy it.


  1. Uncle you are right, we will wait patiently for OCK to flourish.

  2. Hi Unclez, are you continue to stay or "temporary" leaving the game during the testing time? :)

    1. I have always stay in the game but take less actions at the moment. be patient.

    2. Noted with thanks UncleZ.
      Am still learning to improve my patient level :)

  3. I happenned to come across your articles this morning and ,truly,your advice was very encouraging and helpful . I normally buy on speculation...needless to say.I am owaz on the losing side..Buy what,die what (in cantonese)

  4. Hi UncleZ,

    I am a newbie in share market, was just hoping to get some extra pocket money for my college. But I am currently stuck in share as I think I am the same situation with Mona Lisa, buy what, die what. I am currently holding gadang, daya, damansara realty. Was wondering how sifu/senior like UncleZ evaluate a stock whether it is fundamental?

  5. good post. thanks for sharing!!!