Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Presbhd - bruised but certainly not out Ep. Final

Presbhd price has recovered. From the most scary moment at RM1.33 to now at RM2.32. What a ride indeed.

All-time high close (post ex-bonus) : RM2.36 on 22.07.2014

All-time low close (post ex-bonus) : RM1.33 on 17.12.2014

Ex-bonus on 30.04.2014

Has anyone keep their cool and did nothing during the bash-down period between September 2014 and December 2014? Even if you have stayed cool but did you remain stay cool during the recovering period between January 2015 and until recently? I believe many have exited during the bash-down period but some have waited until the recovering period but subsequently exited totally as well. This observation of mine is based on a small sample of investors which I am acquaintance with. But I believe it is the general scenario.

Some of my associates asked whether I am still "in-love" with Presbhd. Well, the following is my answer to their curious question.

I did sold 5% of my total holding during the recovering period in January. As can see above, there are only 2 sales activities of Presbhd since 2012 in this particular investment account ! So for those who think UncleZ never sell stock after he made his purchase is far from the truth. I do sell stock but for specific reason. Certainly not because of the usual knee-jerk reaction that many investors did.

Mind to calculate what is the profit per unit share based on yesterday closing price for those purchases made in early 2012.

If you have invested one unit of Presbhd on 09.12.2013 when its price was traded at RM2.68, which was the day I first mentioned this darling stock in this blog, one would have make 196% gain. This is for a short 1 year plus 3 months investment horizon.

Make it more interest. If one have invested one unit of Presbhd since Feb 2012 at RM0.96, imagine the profit one is getting. Ofcourse for that you need to keep for more than 3 years. But think again. If one could make 383% profit, would one willing to consider to invest for 3 years?

Its price closed at RM2.32 on 10.03.2015.


  1. Dearest UncleZ,

    Zoom has been following your posts, and kept my cool till today :-) Thank you very much for your guidance and wisdom.

    The big question now is, with the title saying its Final episode, do you mean you have or will sell off your PRESBHD holdings? ...

    I am still learning on this beautiful journey called investment :-)

    Oh yes, i am sure many of your fansee would also want to know your thoughts about the beaten down DSONIC... any hope?...

    sincere appreciation and thanks in advance for your time UncleZ.

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