Monday, 21 March 2016

0.60 is a good start

The recent news flow has excite the market somewhat.

This guy has my trust for putting my money into his company stock

From a ACE stock to full fledged main board stock, it is certainly has come a long way. Recently the company has done another right thing - reward its shareholders with its maiden dividend.

For those who just come to know this stock recently will thought this is just another temporary hype that will fade away just as fast as it came. But the thing is, I enjoy this kind of feeling. It's nice feeling even though it is once in awhile. It's all boiled down to the fact that I know this company has been doing all the right things in managing the company on the back of solid business model. Recap. My first taste with this stock was some time back in mid 2013 when I first purchase the first tranche of shares at RM0.55. Here. And I first talked about this stock here in March 2014. Here. This stock had went through a bonus issue and right-with-attached-free-warrant issue corporate exercise since then. Consider the price adjustment for these two corporate exercises, the total portfolio value based on current price has actually tripled as compare to the price at the time of my first tranche of shares was made (There was also private placement exercise for selected investors along the way. Imagine the profit these investors had made). No doubt it took two and three-quarter years to achieve this result. I believe many people don't mind though. That is why it is called long term investment. On top of that, I don't have any worry investing my money into this kind of stock and I have good night sleep every night. I don't know about you but that's very important to me. Furthermore, dividend has started to flow in. Investing in stock market supposes to be a healthy endeavour experience and not a stressful mental workout.

Good luck.

Its price closed at RM0.835 on 18.03.2016

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