Thursday, 22 September 2016

6 months has passed

Yes. I was away from this blog for 6 months. After my last post, I told myself I should leave my share market thought for awhile. If not, it is against what I have been telling people that stock market is for long term. Talking about stock market every now and then is no different playing into stock market everyday. Emotion tends to creep in to cloud our judgment. We should look at stock market once in awhile, make our stock investment and leave it as it is. Come back after some time and certainly not every day or week. Some advocate 3 months. But I think 6 months is still reasonable. If you are one hardcore long term stock investor, 3 months or 6 months or even 1 year is nothing. This is because if you have been buying good stock, the feeling should be like - after 1 year, when you open your fixed deposit account and you know very well your fixed deposit values will definitely increase and not decrease. In stock market is the same. Of course I am not talking about just 3% increase like what fixed deposit interest rates would give you. We should aim higher. But then even if you can get 20% increase in stock values after 1 year is pretty decent.

My grandson wishes to thank those who had contributed to my little project which now has allowed him to buy some educational materials

The last 6 months has not been easy for stock market. I think everyone knows the reasons. This is just part and parcel of stock market risks. If your stock price has dropped, don't worry too much. Anything goes down will come up again.

Admittedly, the stock I recommended last December has not been doing well for the last nine months. Well, I recalled the same goes to Gadang, a stock selection of mine last year. Give it some time, and now look at its price. It has already increased by 100% since Here in February 2015 and Here in November 2015, and I threw a challenge Here in December 2015 to my associates.

Actually, my absence for the last few months was also partly due to health scare. But my doctors had since gave me a clean bill of health some 2 weeks ago. I am slowing adjust back to my usual routine.

Good Luck

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