Saturday, 1 April 2017

My apology and 2017 stock recommendation

My 2016 stock selection did not performance as expected. Nevertheless, at RM1.48, it still give us a 22% gain since December 2015. I wish those who received my report on JAKS are still holding on to the stock until now. Please accept my apology for the "slow" performance of this stock. I was wrong. I would like to think last one year could bring better price action in this stock price but it did not as anticipated.

If you have indeed keep the stock until now, not only you have gained a 22% in capital but more importantly you have gained the wisdom of patience in the game of long term stock investment and that's more important than a 22% gain.

How about this year 2017? I have one stock recommendation for 2017. Actually, I was a bit shy when JAKS stock did not performance as what I would have expected. Because of this, I was a bit reluctant to make new recommendation for year 2017 back in January. Maybe it is time now to share my 2017 stock recommendation but there is a caveat - the stock has climbed 33% since the first batch of my purchase in September 2016.

For those who have contributed to my grandson's education fund previously, I wish you could be kind enough to continue to do so this time around. As a token of appreciation, a report on this new stock will be provided, similar to the report on JAKS. If you are not keen, well, no problem.

Nevertheless, here you are, RCECAP is the one stock that I have invested for this year.

Don't worry. There is no April's Fool.

Good luck.

Its stock price closed at RM1.78 on 31 March 2017.

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