Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Small Caps Stocks - there are still many gems

This post was in my draft folder for some time as I was too busy to complete it. I think it is good to keep the newspaper clips for future reference. By the way, OCK price has more or less recover from its lowest. Its price went all-time high at RM1.44 on 10.4.2014 before went down for a month with lowest price at RM1.20 on 29.4.2014. However, yesterday has somewhat recovered when its price closed at RM1.39. If you have parked your money in OCK after my last post on OCK and do nothing and go away for a month or two, you may have save yourself some heartbreaks to watch the price retraced by almost 14% from the highest. Yes. That is how volatile stock price can be once it is in the radar of the big boys. Anyway, let me add this. I am ever more convince that the OCK is going to do well this year after my latest chat and info that I am privileged to have and know.


On another note, will Presbhd recover from its doldrums price after the bonus issue? Will it recover just like OCK? You won't need to ask these questions if you invest for long term. Stock market is big boys' game and speculator/short-term/contra players are mere spectators.

Scanning through the local newspaper business reports compiled by my team and some had caught my attention.

Apparently some research outfits have started to cover OCK which was relatively unknown stock last year. My first comment on OCK in this blog was in December last year. Looking back, the stock price has since increased by 50% with the closing price of RM1.27 on 30.04.2014. Having said that, there are still more rooms to go this year. I say this not only because I believe in it but because I know why I am saying it.


I am building up my stocks purchases into our newly minted portfolio PZJA14M04. The first one stock being Hovid. I believe Hovid will be in the strong story interest in time to come just like what happened to Presbhd and OCK which took them over a year or two to be in the limelight. I would willing to invest and wait a year or two to realise 100% gain rather than shorting here and there for short term gain. I prefer to have long term target rather than short term target because short term target will always trigger the question of "what next stock to buy" very often. Only experts could know "what next stock to buy" every other day. But how many are there really real stock experts in the stock market?

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  1. After digesting your words uncle l do have a feeling to start creating a long term portfolio Shorting and punting here and there everyday is indeed uncertain, risky and tiring.Thanx for the words of wisdom.