Friday, 16 May 2014

The story continues....

Looking back last year when I told my associates who has placed their trust in me, to be patient at times when the stock price fell below 0.80. I remember I made a pledge with them that if the price continue to fall and fall below 0.70, I will cover their losses. Here. Fast forward to today, most of them have make 100% paper gains with current price. Naturally, some had asked me would it be good time to sell now. This I can understand as it is very human nature to want to "feel" the profit on our hands rather than on paper. I told them if they wanted to use the money or put back into FD, then please do so. If, and a big if, to re-invest the money into another stock, then I suggested to them to stay put for the time being. As the saying goes, the devil you know is better than go for the angel you don't know.


OCK might have gave you the roller coaster ride but at the end, it did not failed to give good returns. I am very satisfy with the outcome and they are lucky enough to make 100% in a year. Well, in fact it is less than a year. I would not tell them to keep invested in this stock so that could make another 100%. That's not my way. I could only tell them this company has many more potentials to come. I have faith in OCK even at current price, just like I have faith when its price was mere 60 cents when many said my faith was very dull at that time. But now everyone is talking about this oldman stock.

Let me tell why I still have faith in OCK despite the stock price had shot up another all-time high RM1.52 on 15.5.2014. Notwithstanding the recent announcement of the proposed bonus issue and transfer to Main Board, there will be another rather interesting development soon that, I believe, will rally the stock price once again. Since late last year, the stock had gathered some interest partly because of the news of this impending transfer to Main Board. This has come true with recent announcement albeit a bit late. The late was delibrate. At the same time, the bonus issue has give another round of boost. These news will certainly make OCK continues to be in favourable mood for some time. Ain't this suppose to be the purpose - continue to create news and maintain the mood for as long as possible. And don't forget about the news of private placement as well. The corporate side of story is getting more and more exciting.

And also, this come at the backdrop of the lucrative towers business which has been made known to all and sundry by the government that they will be spending RM1.5 billion within the next 3 years. The tower job supposes to start this year if everything goes as planned. By saying everything goes as planned is not the usual meeting the technical requirement as planned but more on the works to connect the dots. Someone has to complete the job on time anyway, either by party A or party B. The one with the expertise will get the job, be it at first level or at second level. Either way, it is still a lucrative contract.

By the way, Presbhd's stock price has almost recovered and quite uniquely if you get what I mean. Invest for long term is much more comforting and relax, don't you agree.


Its price (OCK) closed at RM1.45 on 16.5.2014.


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