Saturday, 22 March 2014

Dividend - the real cash

What is the purpose of investing in the stock market?


Only one thing: sustainably making money in long run. One way is through value investing.


Start small and accumulate progressively. Believe me, you will build up your confidence in stock investment and get satisfaction when you start to see your shares values grow.  What more if at the same time continuously receiving the dividends. This dividend is real cash and that, in a way, to remind you that your money is working hard for you.


You may hear stories of people making lots of money by punting the stock market. It definitely sounds exciting. However, don't sway by such stories. Everyone has their story. You too could create your own success story.

Throw yourself a challenge. Pick one good stock. Invest small in it and keep for 4 quarters. Review after that period. You will start to learn and appreciate what Value Investing really mean.

Presbhd is already an elite share. I will continue to invest and stay invested in this company as long as the dividends keep flowing in.


Its price closed at 3.47 on 21.03.2014.

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