Tuesday, 11 March 2014

OCK - the oldman comes knocking

Today OCK has a serious surged in price and hit all-time intraday high of 0.875. The previous all-time intraday high was RM0.86 recorded on 19.12.2013. That was few months back. How many have the patience to have keep until today? I doubt many would except maybe a few hardcore long term investors. In fact one of my associate was so impatient with the stock and nicknamed it as oldman stock because it is slow and hard to wake up.

As usual, question was asked now whether the new high price could be sustained? It happened many times the price had came down after it was up. This was due to one of the substantial shareholders was trading the stock. On the positive side, they are also providing the support when it is needed. Nevertheless, today rise have provided some relive for those that have invested long in this stock

For those who have invested in this stock for long term would not be wasted as you will be rewarded for your patience before this year is out.


Its price closed at RM0.85 on 11.03.2014.

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