Wednesday, 19 March 2014

OCK - the oldman comes knocking Part 2

Today OCK has a strongest showing ever with impressive volume of 15.8 million shares changed hands. Price up by 14 cents and closed at all-time high of RM1.05. It also crossed the RM1.00 magic number convincingly.


There are many highest or first today. Highest volume since its listing in 17.07.2012. Highest rise in a single day of 14 cents. Highest all-time close at RM1.05. First time crossed RM1.00 mark. First time reached Top 20 Gainers list. First time reached Most Active list since listing.



Friend J : Z, why your OCK not moving?


UncleZ : What you mean by 'my' OCK? But I know you will make a lot of money with it.


Friend J : So many stocks have gone up.


UncleZ : Of course friends. If you have crystal ball, then it is different story. Everyday you can pick one stock and make ton of money.


Friend M : Your Presbhd, Ecowld and DSonic are very spot on. But...


UncleZ : I am just lucky.


Friend M : But OCK is lack of power. It seems.


UncleZ : No worry. It will come. I have confident with Sam.


Friend M : You met him before?


UncleZ : Of course. I won't go in big way unless I know the person behind the company. That person must be really a working type of person and has passion and ambition with what he does. Also, must have fire in his belly. Not just talk all the way, all the time without results.


Friend J : You mentioned in your blog that 2014 is good for OCK. It seems we have lost the opportunity cost.


Friend M : Ha ha. Didn't Z said he will cover our losses if fell below,.. what price again you said?


UncleZ : I am just kidding. Anyway, if OCK failed to perform this 2014, I will pay for the golf course fee for all of us for the whole of next year.


Friend M : Deal ! Wait.. please define "perform". What price?


UncleZ : If OCK reached , then you guys pay the golf course fee for me for the whole of next year.


Friend J : Alright. Deal !

Friend M : That's still a long way to go. Anyway, I also take up your bet. Deal !

The conversation happened last two weekend. After today market closed, Friend J texts me to inform that he hope I would win the golf course bet.


Its price closed at RM1.05 on 18.03.2014.

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  1. Unclez
    Isi it too expensive for me to collect OCK at 1.12. I have funds to hold. By the way do you think I can still buy some PESTECH. I have some free funds and need to park somewhere .