Tuesday, 31 December 2013

OCK - unwarranted panic

The share price movement of OCK for the past few days was unexpected. The sudden rise to an all-time high of RM0.87 on 19.12.2013 was pre-meditated but not the sudden selldown in the subsequent days. More so the selldown was done by LTAT, being one the substantial shareholder.


I received many calls from concerned investors recently. This is to be expected. Their concerns are more to the sudden erratic price movement recently rather than the company business performance. I made a pledge with them that I will cover their losses if, some how, the price went below their buying price. They took it as a joke from me but I am serious. Many of them bought at 0.55 - 0.75. I think that is the only right thing for me to do since they are my long term associates. They have been with me since Presbhd, Dayang, POS to name a few, and recently Datasonic. I don't think I will cease my commitment on OCK. After the final analysis, there is really nothing to worry about. Stay focus on the long term trend of this stock and the company. The new all-time high will be breached soon.


We should take the new all-time high at RM0.87 as a good sign for better things to come into 2014.

Its price closed at RM0.78 on 30.12.2013.

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