Friday, 4 July 2014

Presbhd - racing higher Part 6

It has been some 2 months since the last instalment of this title post. Now it is in its 6th instalment. Indeed it is a wait but a worthwhile wait. Its intraday all-time high at RM4.12 was recorded on 22.04.2014 or equivalent to post-bonus-issue price of RM2.06. Today, it breached its own intraday all-time high record with a new record of RM2.09 before retraced to close at RM2.06. Up 17 cents coupled with strong volume of 6.5 million shares traded. And this is on top of cash dividend payout the shareholders received just few days ago. It is really a double happiness.

You will never know when something like this will come. For those who have sold much earlier, you will be in dilemma whether you would want to buy back. Chances are you will not buy back but will say lets wait for correction. If you have stayed on, you won't have such dilemma. You would have recovered your "losses" with today closing price. But that is not really "losses" per se if you did nothing since April. So, if you did not sell, your only real losses is idling time of some 2 months. Well, what is 2 months anyway. Furthermore, the idling time is cover by the constant dividend payout which the company so far never failed to honour.


Its price closed at RM2.06 on 03.07.2014.


  1. Dear UncleZ,
    The double happiness is indeed a joy to experience :-).
    The idling time u say, some ppl will refer to it as opportunity cost. But I am glad I didn't see it that way.... instead I saw the beautiful scenery (dividends) on this great train journey. TQ UncleZ.

    1. I tend not to use the word opportunity cost for this instance. I chose idling time instead. If one had sold and re-invest in another stock and manage to make more money from the re-investment, then the opportunity cost makes more sense. I can understand many people just don't like to see their investment in a particular stock idling too long. But 2 months is not long. In fact, 6 months is just normal. Look it at another way, it is difficult to make profit everyday or even every month. Opportunity cost idea is assuming that you will make more money when you sell an "idling" stock and re-invest back into another presumably "hot" stock. But one thing for sure is your broker will be more than happy to sell you the idea of opportunity cost. Think about it.

    2. thank you UncleZ. Yes. Agreed totally. As with your previous writings, i concur with your advice and views, and that zoom too, don't have the expertise or luck, neither am zoom a stock expert that can pinpoint a better stock that 100% will guarantee better returns. I am happy and glad to have had the opportunity and learnt a lot from your sharings. Oh Yes, the brokers will have a field day recommending to hop around as there is an "opportunity cost" - enriching them instead in the process.....

  2. Dear UncleZ,

    Thank you for your precious time and your wisdom knowledge that you are willing to share with everyone. Thanks again and i wish you stay healthy, wealthy and happy always. Cheers