Sunday, 6 July 2014

Presbhd - racing higher Part 7

I just cannot resist but to continue with this title so soon yet again. This title will continue as long as Presbhd continues to hit new high. Friday 04.07.2014 is particularly interesting because its volume hit 7.2 million units - the highest since a year ago where on 15.05.2013 its volume hit the roof with 11.8 millions units. There must be something brewing. Indeed there is. Read here and old story here again.

On Friday 04.07.2014 its price up another 10 cents. It recorded, yet again, another intraday all-time high of RM2.18. Interestingly, there were strong buys at this price with some 377,000 units being traded. Is it a precursor for more interest things to come? You decide yourself.

Historical chart a year ago:-

Volume was 11.8 million on 15.05.2013. The price then was RM1.82 and it started its upward trajectory and peaked at RM4.12 in April 2014 before split for bonus issue. Closing price on 04.07.2014 is equivalent to RM4.32.

Presbhd's monthly price performance since January 2013 :

31/12/2012    RM1.11
31/01/2013    RM1.12       0.9%
28/02/2013    RM1.12       0.0%
31/03/2013    RM1.23       9.8%
40/04/2013    RM1.17     (4.9)%
31/05/2013    RM1.77     51.3%
30/06/2013    RM1.86       5.1%
31/07/2013    RM2.12     14.0%
30/08/2013    RM1.92     (9.4)%
30/09/2013    RM2.04       6.3%
31/10/2013    RM2.32     13.7%
30/11/2013    RM2.60     12.1%
31/12/2013    RM2.88     10.8%
30/01/2014    RM2.96       2.8%
28/02/2014    RM3.30     11.5%
31/03/2014    RM3.75     13.6%
30/04/2014    RM2.02       7.7%    ex-bonus
30/05/2014    RM1.78     (11.9)%
30/06/2014    RM1.90       6.7%
31/07/2014        ?               ?

There were 3 blips namely in April 2013, Aug 2013 and May 2014 where its price recorded a decline on monthly basis. However, after each blip the price rebounded stronger. If the chart above is anything to go by, the subsequent 2 - 3 months should be interesting period. On another note, could it be due to this reason that the institutional funds like this stock so much or could it be that institution funds want it that way? I leave it to you to ponder.

Its price closed at all-time high RM2.16 on 04.07.2014.

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