Friday, 19 September 2014

Consumer Price Index CPI and GST

Someone shows this advert to me and asked me to explain because he does not seem to understand. I mean, not the wordings in the advert but the message brings about by the advert. To him is very simple. As long as the price of his regular teh tarik increased, it put a dent to his wallet. It does not matter whether it is 0.1% increase or whichever way you want him to look at it. Any increase is an increase. It is a fact, atleast to his wallet.


At the end of the conversation, he asked for a pay rise for next year. And now I understand where he is coming from. Clever chap ! 


And then, came news report about GST from one major newspaper. Is anyone clapping their hands? Let's hope we have better news from the coming Budget 2015 especially for the housing sector.


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  2. Every year they bring down the income tax's rate but introduce other tax.

    It's of no point. It only bring a slow death to the nation.