Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Gadang - the giant coming Ep.1


I must admit i failed in my expectation to achieve atleast 50% gain from this stock before this year is out. I deserved to be teased by my associates on this one. My response to them was I dropped my crystal ball on the floor and broke it and that's why my expectation did not materialised.

A successful businessman and most important, a happy father with two capable daughters supporting him

But I persevere. I throw a challenge to them that it will achieve my expectation and this time not 50% but 100% in two years' time before year 2017 is out ! I higher the stake and throw my hat onto the table. Any taker ?

The story started in Feb this year. Here.

Its price closed at RM2.10 on 09.12.2015


  1. Thanks for sharing uncleZ. I already joined your boat :)

  2. hi UncleZ
    could you share your view on the impact of lowest oil price and US rate hike to our country?