Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Presbhd - some updates

RM1.403 billion market capitalization on the back of 484 million no. of shares issued. Yes. Presbhd is a billion-ringgit company. No small fly anymore.

Recalling my earlier post on 11.06.2014, here, the company's CEO had laid out his ambition to have his company's capitalization reaches RM1.5 billion in 2017. Can he achieves that? Let's wait and see, if you have the patience of course.

Some historical facts

On 30.04.2014, one and half year ago, the company declared 1 to 1 bonus issue and price changed from RM3.95 to RM1.99 upon ex-date. Since then, its price went roller coaster and at one point dipped to RM1.31 low for a brief period. Now, the price back to its full steam. Hitting new high RM2.96 on 09.12.2015. I dare to say very little people will ride on this stock for so long. If you have, you have make a lot of money.

Its price closed at RM2.90 on 15.12.2015

P/s: By the way, something very positive from DSonic after a long quiet period. More on that later.

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