Friday, 18 December 2015

I will fall in love with this stock

I have the privilege to be invited to accompany an entourage to a fast growing ASEAN country of 3 times bigger its population than Malaysia. It has vast land and huge human head counts. For the seasoned businessman, he will see there is huge business opportunities to grab. This country needs technology and financial muscles from outsiders to bring up its economy and social development. The government is doing what they can and could afford by easing or relaxing many of the rules. One company that has benefited from this open policy by the government and that was where I had the opportunity to join this trip to the country to see myself first hand how things are doing.


Of course going there without a punt or two at their golf course will not complete the trip, be it for leisure or business trip. It is on the golf course that conversations are more relax and candid. The conversation with one of the entourage member, which happened to be a strategic fund manager, went something like below.


A : How is thing went on so far?

Z : On stock portfolio front, very good. On personal health front, not so good. Doctor advised me to take extra caution on my diet and exercise more. When one getting older, this is to be expected.

A : Don't worry Z. Come here more often. Nice golf course, nice food and so many more.

Z : Yes. At least get away from the daily dose of politics that are happening in kl. Benefit no people except politicians. You see. Not every singly day goes by without mentioning about politic.

A : Agree. You just mentioned this very moment too.

Z : Ahh yes. I did. Just cut the crap of politic and talk about....  golf game.

A : He finally managed to pull this deal through.

Z : Yes. If not, we won't be here sitting and enjoying this view.

A: Will you ride on this company stock?

Z: Yes. This is will be my first for year 2016's stock selection. Just like Gadang is for year 2015.

A: That is telling. I will take up your recommendation.

Z: I know you already make up your mind the moment you join this trip.

A: You are right. Talk about Gadang. 2.10 last Friday right? We have a good buy on this. Over 30 percent since you told me early of this year.

Z: Did I tell you specifically?

A: Not directly. Remember we were having breakfast with the bunch of us together with your teenage grandson. Your stock-wise grandson. He was so young and yet his knows of all these technical jargons.

Z: Yes. I think I remember. Yes. One by one contract is now surfacing. For your fund, I believe 30% is a good number for you to boast to your unit holders.

A: And that thanks to you, Z.


I am working on a project partly to help my teenage grandson to have a good footing in this real world. All this while he has been helping me to cut, paste, write, extract newspaper cutting, typing and whatnot and help me to run it on this blogspot. There were time I did it myself but it is taxing for an old person like me. So, most of the time he helps me to tidy up the loose ends especially on the computing part. I am a person believe in no free lunch. People will value the things more when they themselves paid for it. It is not that I need it but atleast people will not take things for granted. The proceeds will go to him as a token of his hardwork and also for helping me to run this blog. I will update you via email on a specific stock to invest for long term with a brief write-up. Just USD10. If that stock did not perform within a year, I will refund in full together with an apology. Those who is interested to know more, could email me at

Good luck.