Thursday, 19 December 2013

Presbhd & OCK - the promising stars

1) Prestariang Berhad

A quick take on Presbhd for 19.12.2013.

Another all-time intraday high at RM2.96.

Another all-time high closing at RM2.90.

2) OCK Berhad

A quick take on OCK for 19.12.2013.

Another all-time intraday high at RM0.87 which breaks its previous high of RM0.85 recorded on 20.11.2013.

Another all-time high closing at RM0.86.

It had an interesting run-up today after moving sideway for the past 4 weeks. The wait has finally bears fruit. I have been collecting the stocks aroung RM0.80 during the same period. There were big volume transacted at RM0.865 which reflects a strong interest for the stock. There will be more head rooms to go moving forward and it is worthwhile to be kept invested in the stock.


Some said OCK is like a old man because it moves very slowly. Who cares as long as it moves eventually and the moves are always upward. Slowly but surely.

Some recommended Benalec which is almost the same price, but I would prefer OCK - young, small but promising company in the long run.


Today is particularly interesting because of the above 2 stocks are moving upward while the KLCI index is moving downward.

Its (Presbhd) price closed at RM2.90 on 19.12.2013

Its (OCK) price closed at RM0.86 on 19.12.2013.

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  1. Thanks Unclez for introducing some of the stocks to me from this blog, I have been following you in i3 but seldom see your updates in i3 anymore. I started to invest in share few years ago when I was young with little capital, I would say share investment changed my life and I would like to learn more share investment knowledge from you as well as how you pick the stocks that you can see the future prospect of the company? I sincerely hope you can provide me some guidance on that or how should I contact you?