Friday, 13 December 2013

Presbhd - racing higher Part 2

A quick take on Presbhd on 12.12.2013.

Another all-time intraday high at RM2.82.

Another all-time high close at RM2.78.

It was a strong showing yesterday by Presbhd. Touched new intraday high of RM2.82 before retraced and closed at RM2.78. All in, it up 12 cents. From a penny stock at RM0.70 since late 2011, this stock certainly has come a long way.


As shown above, there were 10 lots changed hands at RM2.82. Not much but good enough to create a new-high record.

Just manage to sit down after busy for the last two weeks setting directions for the team what to plan for in the coming weeks.

Its price closed at RM2.78 on 12.12.2013.

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