Monday, 9 December 2013

Datasonic - the sleeping giant

What a quiet day for DSonic today. Today all individual transactions were less than 10 lots. Has anyone wonders why the stock price still manage to stay in positive territory despite the trading was only 15% buy-rate today?

Today volume is the lowest since 6.11.2013 and this reflects normalising of sort for the stock. Do not expect a tiger keeps charging and roaring non-stop forever. Everything and anything needs a rest.

I like the stock's conditions for the past one week and I like today particularly. Is it too expensive now? It is expensive because most of us think RM9,080.00 per lot is alot and buying 10 lots will cost you RM90,800.00. It is expensive because most of us think that if the price retraced another 20 cents will cause another RM200 lost on top of the already paper lost of RM320 since the price retraced from RM9.40 to RM9.08. Didn't I said earlier, set aside whatever amount you are comfortable with and see what it will be for the next 2-3 months.

Its price closed at RM9.08 on 9.12.2013.

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