Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Datasonic - joining the elite club

Just barely a week after the post on 9.12.2013, the stock price has risen to RM10.00, an all-time high.


Those who are skeptical about the strong surge in its price for the past few months and attributed it to speculative play, they have missed the point by a big margin. There are many criteria for a stock to be qualified for speculative play. Just look at the top 10 most active stocks everyday. It is not difficult to know why those stocks are target for speculative play. There are many similarity in characteristics those stocks have.


On the other hand, look at the 10.00 Elite Club like PetGas, Aeoncr, UMW, DLady and the like. All of them come a long way before joining the 10.00 Elite Club. How are their financial results? What kind of businesses are they in? What are their PE ratio? Mostly all are above 20. As for Datasonic, its PE ratio is still in the teen range.


The company is still at growing up stage. It is ain't created just for IC and passport businesses. You have not yet see the fully grown up creature that you could possibly imagine.


On the transaction note, there were 13,100 shares changed hands at RM10.00.


Datasonic - hello 10.



From a long term perspective view, there is no different either it is 9.50, 9.70 or 10.00. The difference is just a small change compare to what it will going to be.


Let's take 10.00 as the first milestone for the history of the stock in the coming months and years to be remembered.


Its price closed at RM9.88 on 17.12.2013.

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