Wednesday, 30 April 2014

FBM SmallCap Index

Many might have got jolted from yesterday selldown. Majority of the selldown happened on small cap stocks. What exactly small cap stock is and particularly in relation to Bursa's SmallCap Index? The following are some references.

Closing data for 28.04.2014

SmallCap Index has risen some 49% from the low of 11,800 points on 03.05.2013, the day before GE13, to the high of 17,930 points on 23.04.2014. In the nutshell, some correction is quite natural. Actually, it is quite normal for SmallCap Index to swing  +100 points from previous close. However, yesterday's drop was significant as the index dropped 241 points which cross the 200 point mark since 03.03.2014 when the index had dropped 220 points. What added to the pain was that a day earlier 28.04.2014 the SmallCap Index had dropped 140 points. All in for 2 consecutive days, the total point dropped was 381 points.

The list above is the stocks component that constitute the SmallCap Index. There are 148 of them.

Some interest information on main KLCI 30 Index, Mid 70 Index, Top 100 Index, EMAS Index, SmallCap Index as well as Fledgling Index.


The other day, I asked my friend whether he knows how many stocks component stock are there in KLCI Index. He thought it was still constitute of 100 stocks!

Truth be said, we seldom bother about the Indexes other than the main KLCI Index. Even then, KLCI Index is not so significant to ordinary folks nowadays. It could be due to the fact that the main KLCI Index is now only constitutes of 30 stocks rather than 100 stocks as previously was. This is less representative to the broader market as market barometer. After all, retail players seldom play heavy weight stocks.

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