Friday, 25 April 2014

Let start small with this one

Let start small with this one. Like a child growing up slowly to become a successful adult later.

I foresee the dividend yield will be a decent one for FYE2014 and may well match the dividend yield of Presbhd. PE wise, lets the experts tell you. I see values in this stock in the long run.

More on Hovid in my next post particularly my experience with the older version of Hovid.

Its price closed at RM0.370 on 24.04.2014.


  1. CIMB gives a target price of RM0.43.

  2. Forget about any target price. Buy this stock must read together with the post "I only have 10 grands to invest"

  3. on technical wise, it looks good at the entry point of 0.36. i read about ur post "i only have 10 grands to invest" and i think stocks should have a good theme when u wan to purchase it right ? how to u see on censof(GST) ?

  4. dear unclez, I have 45k and wish to invest in bursa.
    I wish unclez can advice which me which should I invest at current time?
    I wish to have good return in 1 to 2 yrs.
    Appreciate unclez can advice me.
    Thank you unclez in advice.

    1. Keep your eyes on Caring Pharmacy. That should fit in nicely for your 1 to 2 years requirement