Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Rewinding the old records

Today (31.03.2014) is last trading day for the month of March 2014. Nothing new to say today. It is just for my own reference.


OCK, the oldman comes knocking, nearly breaks down the door today. It recorded another all-time intraday high at RM1.29 before it closed at RM1.25. Up with an impressive 9 cents for the day.





DSonic, my old flame companion is ever as hot and eloquent. It also recorded another all-time intraday high at RM4.52. Today it closed at RM4.47, up 32 cents. DSonic also claimed the second spot on the Top Gainers chart. The top spot was taken by Takaful. To put things in perspective, Takaful has RM1.9 billion market capitalisation whereas DSonic has RM3.0 billion market capitalisation.


For the sake of rewinding the old records, RM4.52 is actually RM22.60 before the split exercise. This is very nostalgic journey for those who has been following DSonic since September last year. It is indeed fun when talk about comparing the prices before and after the split exercise.

How many of us could able to time our stock purchase to catch DSonic before the price surged today? Very few could, but majority of us could not. Therefore, stay focus, invest for long term. This is especially so if you have limited and small capital. Yes I know, it sounds unorthodox. Think about it.

The other day, I explored another stock with my close associate. As expected, he is not so keen. Most important to him now is the stock must be a strong performing stock. How he knows that particular stock is a strong performing stock is something puzzled me. Of course, he claimed to have tips on that particular stock. He prefers to put aside long term stock for the moment. I wish him luck though. And I believe many of us may be thinking the same. Anyhow, do enjoy. The party has just begun.


Its price (OCK) closed at RM1.25 on 31.03.2014.

Its price (DSonic) closed at RM4.47 on 31.03.2014.



  1. Thanks UncleZ for sharing, may I know what broker are you using ?

    1. I seldom deal directly with local broker anymore for quite some time. Shares purchases are done through my proxies for good business reasons. However, as an advice, you should look for those who ask no question and give no answer type of broker.

  2. Thank you UncleZ, for all the guidance.

  3. hi UncleZ, may I ask for your view on recent bursa media statement regarding dsonic share price surge?

  4. hi uncle. may i know whats your comments on dsonic n hovid now? have you sells all your shares in this 2 companies?